“The Sampler” Part 3 (long anticipated!)

You expected me back here two weeks ago. I sincerely apologize for this delay, when life forwards you a “must do”. Jury duty on a desperate case that involved nearly TWO weeks. 

I am back for YOUR attention ONLY. Please read this blog today with several items in mind. Today is all of your information for a few of your decisions. Now due to the two week delay, I have decided to bump ahead two weeks on our “The Sampler” calendar.  As the trusted pilot states…. “We will attempt to regain our time in the air en route to our destination”….. the last stitches carefully placed on to this lucious “Cottonfields 35-count linen here. My REAL favorite I do admit.

With that being said, I want to address FIRST the few items of information that are now corrected from BLOG No.2…..of May 1, 2019.

  • First of all, the linen was a typo, as I used my tier of Belgian linen for stating the count of my “Cottonfields” hand-dyed linen.The linen I am using is an Irish linen, and is only available to me in 35 count. MY APOLOGY. I simply stated the incorrect linen supplier. SO…that now corrected, you will be stitching on the very same linen as the model I am stitching now.  35-count. BTW, it is really looking  wonderful. Photo ahead.  I am terribly busy cutting, dying, and preparing two full bolts of linen for your kits. Love it. The stitchers are adding to my class by the week. 
  • Next I am changing the dates on our “The Sampler” calendar, due to  the jury delay stated above. New schedule addressed below.

Now that I have my “bads” out of the way …. moving forward, I must tell you how pleased I am with my progress on this piece. It is such a great atmosphere to shine my needleart career of nearly fifty years through the eye of my needle! I hope you will all feel the same, and enjoy the photos and information here about getting to the point for you to all begin your SAMPLER, “Forget Me Not!. Get your 28-gauge needles ready to thread. 

The progress of my stitching is truly displaying my personal journey of my lifetime. You will find some knowns, and surely some unknowns. I have a few photos to share with you today, and I am hoping you will all be pleased.

Kit Component Prices:
 I will now break down the individual prices of your kit.

Twenty 5-yard bags each of  Tudor Silk @ $5.90 each,
  $118.00  MY PRICE FOR YOU is $100.00  🙂
“Cottonfields” hand-dyed linen   (11” x 27.5”)$23.90
DMC Perle Cotton #12. DMC #640.
Finishing edges on 2 sides.
Your graphs, to be posted in five separate pkg,
approximately six weeks apart.
Postage for entire five packages (one time pay)$15.60

Total Kit Price :$236.15

The price of this kit can be paid in four installments of $ 59.00 each. Due on July 15, 2019, September 15, 2019, November 15, 2019, and December 15, 2019.

If you wish to pay for this kit in full, simply send your check in the amount $236.15 Payable to The Heart’s Content, Inc. to :
The Heart’s Content, Inc.
Maureen Sorenson
4440 Indian Trail

We will have plenty of time to discuss your situation, concerns, and questions. Remember the best way I prefer for you to contact me regarding MY MAGNUM OPUS is through my email:

Deadline to commit is before July 15, 2019. Your payment either way will be due on July 15, 2019. I will begin sending out our kits at that time.

If you are sincerely interested in joining my journey, all you need to do is send me an email SOON stating.

  • Yes! I am sincerely interested
  • No, I have decided not to join
  • Your email address
  • Your mailing address
  • your best phone number to be reached
  • any special instruction about mailing your kit.

Also following will be photos of Dennis’s hand-crafted Wild Cherry hanging device to complete your Sampler. This is merely a template for protocol. The dowel on the backside will attractively serve as the hanger on which you attach your stitchery.The finished size will perfectly fulfill your finished piece. 

  • If not a complete colored photo, for sure a detailed image of my           husband’s sampler finishing wooden hanger.  If God is on our side this month, we are hoping to have a prototype complete for you. This wooden hanger, hand-crafted of solid WiId Cherry wood will be available towards the final stages of our stitching, and is COMPLETELY an option for you to purchase, or not. Some of you may choose to have your completed sampler custom-framed. Just our notion to present a more affordable and attractive framing device. Now that I have established the accurate width of the design Dennis has begun his measurements of his cherry cuts. This           gorgeous Wild Cherry is from his homesteads’ several cherry orchards. Not for certain, but an accurate estimate for his device will price at about $30.00 – $40.00 complete with hanging device. He will certainly be able to provide his actual price by next blog, once his prototype is complete. REMEMBER, this purchase is totally optional. 
  • I will discuss an open window of time for two days after   this blog to discuss your concerns and questions before commitment. Remember to inquire through my email provided above.

I thank you for your unyielding support of my designing efforts, and I look forward to stitching with you in July!

Your friend in stitching,

P.S. Remember the true color of my photography may differ from your phone or computer screen.

*****  Stitch Count lateral (Horizontal)  *****
173 stitches

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