“THE SAMPLER” part 2

You expected me back here today, and here I am. I hope you are all doing well, and I thank you for checking back on my project. So much has happened here in the month of April. I have so much to share today.

I have received so many interested emails, and promise to keep accurate records of your information. By the end of this blog today, I will be looking for a more earnest interest, and by the first week in June, I intend to gather those serious stitchers along with me to complete “The Sampler” ~ “Forget Me Not”.  Important details will be shared here today, and in our next blog, I hope to receive your emails of ernest obligation, and we will be posting by USPS your first installment of your “The Sampler” ~ “Forget Me Not”. I wish to collect your first payment of four all timed for the duration of our stitching this meaningful sampler together. More to come later.

Now this is what I am sharing with you all today:

  • photos of my stitching progress. An introduction to the very first  stitches that have formed my first stage of my Magnum Opus.
  • the release of twenty Gloriana Silk Tudor fibers. Full 5-yd. pkg of each.
  • the 35-count hand-dyed Cottonfields British linen.
  • price components of complete kit, with arrangements to pay in 4-parts.
  • an outline of next month’s blog, and what to expect. 
  • information for contact if any concerns may arise.

Here is a list of the delicious Tudor silk fibers for you to “re-create” YOUR Sampler. You will first receive a complete twenty bags of 5-yard increments of all colors. This silk uncoils easily, along with a great ease of separating just ONE ply from each TWELVE strand fiber to stitch with.

Crème de la Crème Mary woods Blue
Mango Sorbet Desert Rose
Toadstool Antique Pink
Valencia Mulled Wine
Iris Cranberry
Pecan Cherry Tart
Ollalieberry Avonlea Green
Birch Brown Olive Grove
Cotswold Blue Granny Smith Green
True Gray Green Gables

Here is a photo of the favored hand-dyed linen of  The Heart’s Content, Inc/Linen Emporium. This time of the year as our white blanket melts in the Spring, I thoroughly enjoy digging in our forest floors for the ultimate ingredients of winterized Oak leaves, tree saps, tree barks, acorns, Pine pitch, and various other ingredients Mother Nature gifts us each Spring in Northern Wisconsin. The linens are soaked in the formula mixture of these ingredients, boiled in a copper boiler outdoors over night. In the early morning it is just damp enough to hang on my clothes lines with clothes pins just 3” apart, to prevent any remaining moisture to drip unevenly throughout the hung linen. Before the sun is getting to the warmer hours of noon, the pieces are then pressed and folded to bag for your kits. I really believe you will sincerely enjoy the weave, hue, and texture of this hand-dyed linen to stitch your sampler over the next year or so. If I were to do an analogy on the color of “Cottonfields”, I would choose DMC #738  to compare this hue with. It absolutely looks delightful with the twenty Tudor hues I have chosen here.

The Stitch Count of your sampler is 174 horizontal which measures 5” across the top and bottom. Of course I cannot calculate the vertical measurements at this time, as I have not yet designed the entire piece. I do expect it to finish at approximately 22”-24” long. By the time you receive your linen, you will be instructed exactly where to begin the top of your design on the linen cut supplied in your kit. With that being said, your “Cottonfields” linen will be cut to 11”  x  27.5” piece.

Kit Component Prices: I will now break down the individual prices of your kit.

Twenty 5-yard bags each of Tudor Silk @ $5.90 each $118.00
MY PRICE FOR YOU is $100.00 🙂


“Cottonfields” hand-dyed linen (11” x 27.5”)


DMC Perle Cotton #12. DMC #640. Finishing edges on 2 sides


Your graphs, to be posted in five separate pkg,
approximately six weeks apart.


Postage for entire five packages (one time pay)


Total Kit Price


The price of this kit can be paid in four installments of $ 59.00 each. Due on June 15, 2019,   August 15, 2019,   October 15, 2019,  December 15, 2019.

At this point I am simply laying out the complete cost of supplies in order for you to make your final commitment after my next blog, the first week in June, 2019.   We will have plenty of time to discuss your situation, concerns, and questions. Remember the best way I prefer for you to contact me regarding MY MAGNUM OPUS is through my email;


What to expect in my next blog – First week in June

  • Of course more stitching progress on the sampler theme. I am really hoping to be able to present to you enough visual to announce the real image of what we will be stitching together. Many of you already are familiar with my design style.  You may certainly expect an abundance of solid one-over-one stitching, amongst a full network of classic sampler verbiage to illustrate “my life through the eye of my needle”. By my next blog, I sincerely believe you will be able to commit or not. I will be delighted to have you join the journey with  us.
  • The agreement and payment plan you chose. Either payment in full $236.15 by June 15th of 2019, or the four payment plan ($59.00) if you   so choose. I hope this will assist some of  you 🙂 Also payment details will be laid out for you at that time.
  • If not a complete colored photo, for sure a detailed image of my husband’s sampler finishing wooden hanger.  If God is on our side this month, we are hoping to have a prototype complete for you. This wooden hanger, hand-crafted of solid WiId Cherry wood will be available towards the final stages of our stitching, and is COMPLETELY an option for you to purchase, or not. Some of you may choose to have your completed sampler custom-framed. Just our notion to present a more affordable and attractive framing device. Now that I have established the accurate width of the design Dennis has begun his measurements of his cherry cuts. This gorgeous Wild Cherry is from his homesteads’ several cherry  orchards. Not for certain, but an accurate estimate for his device will price at about $ 30.00- 40.00 complete with hanging device. He will certainly be able to provide his actual price by next blog, once his prototype is complete. REMEMBER, this purchase is totally  optional. 
  • Also next blog I will discuss an open window of time for two days after the blog to discuss your concerns and questions before commitment. 

I truly hope you are enjoying my images here, and they have peaked your interest even further to ponder this over the next month. I will get back to my needle and look forward to seeing you right here the first week in June. My clothes lines are filled, and the dye batch continues to boil. Ready for more “Cottonfields”. The sun is shining   🙂

Enjoy this sunny Month of May….the land of fleurs – – – – – next blog ! !

And now the progression of my stitching to date:

This final photo below is sent rather early. I just wanted to include it here, as it is the most true to color of the hand-dyed “Cottonfields” linen.

It really is a beautiful shade. Also this is the #640 DMC Perle Cotton #12 for our unique decorative edging on the bi-lateral side edges of design.

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