“FORGET ME NOT……The Sampler” part 4

Hello everyone. The day is here that we have all been waiting for. I can’t tell you how proud I am to get to this day. I know that all of you have been anxious.
We will be ready by the end of today to start posting your kits and will be doing so all week. So depending on your payment receipt in the last month, I will start with the first to respond.
First I would love to thank all of you for your response and support of my design efforts. So far this has all laid down very smoothly, and I would like to have you know that I will try very hard to continue the rest of this process in the same manner. Any questions or concerns you may have about your payment, your kit, or what’s to come, you know how to tap my shoulder.😊
Your kits will include everything but Dennis’s Wild Cherry Wood hanger device. If you would want to refer to some previous blogs, you can see exactly what all the kit components are. A complete listing will also be included in your kit so that you can check to confirm all has been assembled.
I expect this to work very smoothly, because from this point on, all that you will be receiving from me is is the remaining three graphs to complete your “Forget Me Not Sampler”. The graph included in this kit you will be receiving is exactly the first 1/4 of the design. In approxomately three months you would receive the second graph, and 3 months later the third graph, excetera. I am loving the way that this is working out allowing me plenty of time for progress to keep you all stitching.
PLEASE REMEMBER…….if you should have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me! Anytime!
Just a reminder there will be no postage charge to you ever. You have paid that upfront in your first or complete payment. All is taken care of 😄.
I feel really good about the way that this is all unfolding in such a nice timely manner.
This is what I have decided to do. I will have tracking numbers on all of your packages and rather than contact each one of you individually I will post right here next week when the last one is mailed; that way if you haven’t received it by then, you can contact me. You will be on the lookout for a United States Postal Service priority large envelope. Be ready to thread your needles, and always remember, I am honored to welcome you back to our “Needleart Journey” of sharing with me a very special milestone in my life and career.
SEVENTY IS MY TIME TO RELAX. Please do not anticipate that I will be stepping back from The Heart’s Content, Inc. No, not at all. My husband Dennis and I will absolutely continue to maintain my design firm. The reality of this whole presentation is to return some threaded needles to my anxious fingers. I will be reducing the amount of NEW designs released in the future, as well as the frequency of Needlework Markets I will be exhibiting. I would now like to concentrate on this very type of design ….. an intense and memorable design. I believe after forty-four years of designing and marketing, these creations continue to draw attention to many needleartists. They are fulfilling to stitchers worldwide.
I am truly BLESSED! And I am honored. God had afforded me with several ah hah
Moments/Memories in my great life. I have always promised Him I would live my life to the fullest, and always with great kindness to all. Keeping that promise in heart, I believe it is now my time to enjoy my stitching and be able to take part in my needleart everyday; it has been my lifelong dream. More giggles with Stella my lovely granddaughter, and more ability for Dennis and I to partake in the travel we so desire.
That all being said, I present to you the interpretation of my first 70 years of my life.
I trust you will enjoy each and every stitch and keep in mind it should possibly take you about a year to complete. That is my goal to complete (with hanger) my piece by March 29th, 2020.
I simply can’t wait to hear your comments once you have read all of the tutorial, and have begun to create YOUR sampler.

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