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March 29, 2019

Today is my 69th birthday. Happy Birthday to me !

And YOU! This morning I began to design a piece I believe will mature into my Magnum Opus. My sincere hopes are to have it completely released one year from today on my Seventieth Birthday ! It truly will be a sampler dedicated to my life of designing and creating thread count patterns for you all to enjoy. 

It is going to be a huge (e.i. enormous, vast, immense, very large, great, massive, cosmic, colossal, prodigious) SAMPLER commemorating several great moments, folks, acquaintances, and places in my years that I have been introduced to “Through The Eye Of My Needle”, the title of my book I am presently authoring. 

For I have been sincerely blessed through my entire life with so many good things, that I have decided to celebrate this birthday today and thread my needle with the finest silk floss in the world, Tudor Silk from Switzerland, and plant the first several stitches on this gorgeous “cottonfields” 32-count linen that I have hand-dyed for this very dream. The Cremè de Cremè of needle art components. 

Eventually……I will be in the assemblage of complete kits for my creation. I have already chosen the twenty hues of Gloriana Hand-dyed Tudor Silks to stitch my dream. Wait until you hear these names. Delicious. Really. The creator of Gloriana Threads, Anne Frazier is a dear friend of mine, and we have already collaborated on this silk presentation for YOUR kits. I will announce these beautiful twenty hues in my next issue here of “THE SAMPLER”. Be sure to visit monthly to see and hear of my progress. Fun,

innovative, and clever placement on this linen of my stitching life. 

Of course I have nothing to present at this moment, as I just threaded my needle, but I want to be upfront on this project with you. So many secrets and surprises in the creation forthcoming. 

Mentioned earlier, it is a very large sampler, with most of its “large” in its length. It is only approximately 180 stitches wide, but of course I can’t even surmise its length at this point, until I begin to stitch all of these great moments of my needleart life.

For that very reason, my husband Dennis, will create a very clever finishing devise, so you will not have to release your oldest child to afford the custom frame for this “rather long” sampler. More details to be released once I get more stitched/charted to know its exact “reach”. I promise to communicate with all of you personally to address ANY issues you may own in the months ahead. I will also be able to provide the entire total cost of this sampler kit to you before you commit to anything. 

Dennis’s hanger device will become available to you as we near the finishing areas of this creation. 

ONLINE ONLY. My intention here is to first offer the “SILK FIBER PACK” with all of the twenty Tudor silk fibers. Remember to wait for one of the next issues here of “THE SAMPLER”, to hear those lovely colors. They really are gorgeous and meld so well.

Shortly after that I will hopefully be able to also release the “FIRST FOURTH”, of this design, beginning of course at the top. I anticipate this section will take me about three months to stitch. About that time, the “SECOND FOURTH” should release, and you would receive your second mailings of graphs. I absolutely LOVE to design and STITCH, but will admit, extremely technology challenged. I would not even know where to begin to offer this theoretically online with graphs and all. I’m really an older gal who just likes to create beautiful things, and don’t care to learn how the world turns. Really ! So that being said, this will be on my old fashioned terms of:

• You tell me through an email if you are at all interested.

  • In the month ahead I will begin to show bits of stitching here, and   hopefully your needle may call you.
  • One of the first commitments will be your Tudor Silk Thread Pack.
  • Soon after, will avail your first sections of graphs, along with my hand- dyed “Cottonfields” 32-count linen.
  • Next Dennis should have a good prototype of his finishing hanger of hand-crafted solid hardwood. His natural finishing is really lovely.
  • The next steps will follow with the second, third and forth “fourths” of “THE SAMPLER” graphs.

I can’t release too much more here, as my silk-threaded needles await, and I need more information for my second post, to find right back here in approximately one month from now. 

So pass the word to your stitching friends. I love that you love to stitch, and I absolutely can’t wait to share the next accomplishments with all of you.

This correspondence will be handled through my email:

I really cannot wait to give you more of a reason to email me about my dream. I told everyone I know that I was taking this day off to dream, and that is what I am doing. Dennis just brought me a great glass of wine, so here I go.

Your friend in stitching.

maureen sorenson

the heart’s content, inc.

I will now answer your first TWO questions:

  1. OF COURSE it is stitched over one linen thread. I mean  H  U  G  E .
  2. This design will only be offered from my heart here at The Heart’s Content, Inc.  ( I promise to divulge all costs in five payments upfront.)
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