Blog Number 5 Magnum Opus ~ “Forget Me Not”

Good Morning to all of my stitchers. It is with great pleasure to have stitched the first quarter of “Forget Me Not” Sampler. I have been very busy and have quite a showing at this point of the second quarter of stitching. I hope this will all bring great pleasure to your needle to continue to create with me.

Next week, I will be posting (via USPS) two items to you:1. the second set of graphs to accompany these photos here. 2. the hand-created Wild Cherrywood hanger/frame topresent your completed sampler next year. It has embedded dowels on back side to attach yourstitchery. If you have already paid for your hanger, it will accompany your graphs next week.Dennis is proud to present his hanger/frame to you for this Magnum Opus. They are now complete, and if you want to order one at $32.50, there is still time. If so, please combine thisamount in your third payment due November 15, 2019, or if you have paid your kit in full, simply send your check for $32.50 to order your hanger from Dennis.In NorthEast Wisconsin, Autumn arrives with a blast of fresh air to replace our somewhat uncomfortable humidity of random Summer days. The colors of the staunch Oaks, the limey greens of the Birch, and the yellow/orange/reds of our brilliant Maples are truly amazing. A time in the twelve months you would enjoy living in slow motion. Breath-taking. The moment I get this blog posted,

 Dennis and I will jump in our vehicle, load up our four-wheelers and head north to enjoy the peak color season in Northern WI n MI. One of our Favorites. Miles of endless trails through the greatest forest we know. Each hill presents its entirely different view of this Autumn palet.It was just a few weeks ago, that I began to disrupt our floral landscape with our first frost. As I cleaned out numerous of my vintage clay pots, I remembered how much I enjoyed these pot of the past, and drew particular attention to the creeping velvet of the new shade of moss this years’ abundance of precipation provided to many of them.That being said, I decided to stitch one of these pots as I began to undress it for winter storage. Must not allow our below-zero temperatures to crack these treasured pieces of art.The pot is now stitched, and a good start on its flowers as they appeared pre-frost. I hope you will relate to this fondness, and enjoy stitching these new sections of graphs.Enjoy the following photos; you will have to wait for the explanation of the remaining motifs above the floral arrangement, until you receive the second set of graphs next week.Happy Halloween to All, and as the Holidays near, I will be talking to you in Blog No.6. Looking for your comments after this blog, but remember, it may be answered in your graphs soon to arrive.

Your friend in stitching, m

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